A Mid-term report is an interim inspection giving an overview of a property’s condition during the course of a tenancy.  It is typically conducted on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.  It allows landlords to remain informed and provides an indication of how the property is being looked after.  

The report highlights signs of:

  • Maintenance (e.g. mould, damp, condensation or water damage)

  • General property damage

  • Poor cleanliness

  • Subletting 

  • Pets

  • Smoking

  • Neglect

  • Other tenancy breaches

The report is invaluable in minimising potential void periods by providing an opportunity to resolve maintenance issues prior to being faced with a costly vacant property. It is particularly useful for longer term tenancies.

Mid-term Report

Property Inventories undertakes inventory reports and has been trading in London for over 10 years. We are trusted partners of estate agents, private landlords, developers and build to rent clients across Greater London and its surroundings.

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