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The first time we visit a property, we produce either a Standard Inventory, an Inventory & Meter Reads, or an Inventory & Check-In Report, all of which are drawn up from scratch. 

Once we have an initial inventory for a property, all subsequent inventory bookings are considered as an Inventory Update & Check In, which is where we update the existing inventory at a discounted rate, and we also include a Check In service at no additional charge.

The Inventory & Check In report is a comprehensive service that includes the schedule of condition page, keys, and a check in service. It's a valuable tool for property management, and provides security for all parties involved.

Inventory Reports
What is an Inventory Update & Check In report?

An inventory is a detailed inspection of the fixtures, fittings and furnishings in a property.  It includes descriptive and conditional comments for each room.  The report includes an overview picture of each room and separate  conditional photos for items that appear damaged or valuable.

​Our standard Inventory report can be produced at any time during the tenancy and is purely a snapshot of the property on a given date.

We have included a sample of our Full Inventory & Check-in report below.

Standard Inventory Report
Standard Inventory
Inventory & Meter Readings

As with our standard Inventory report, our Inventory and Meter Readings report can be produced at any time during a tenancy, but this usually happens at the beginning of the tenancy. It includes everything in the standard Inventory report, with the added benefit of including readings for the gas, electricity, and occasionally water meters, which are supported by photos. 

We have included a sample of our Full Inventory & Check-in report below. 

Inventory and Meter Reads
Inventory & Check-in Report

The Inventory & Check-in report is our most comprehensive inventory report, specific to and produced at the start of a tenancy.  In addition to everything in the standard Inventory report it also includes:

  • Meter readings with photos

  • Keys provided with photos

  • Schedule of Condition

  • Check-in service - releasing keys to new tenants on their move-in day

  • A sound platform to facilitate an accurate comparison when the check out report is eventually produced.

Click the image to view our sample Inventory & Check-in report.

Inventory and Check-in Sample Report (2)
Inventory and check-in
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