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A Check-out report is a detailed and impartial inspection conducted at the end of a tenancy. It is a point by point examination of conditional differences from the Inventory & Check In report, coupled with photos showing the changes.


If you do not have an initial Inventory report for your property and want an end of tenancy report, we offer an alternative Schedule of Condition report - please see further information below.

You can opt to incorporate “Actions” and/or “Responsibilities” noting fair wear and tear, or whether any damage repairs and cleaning are attributable to the landlord or the tenant.

Check-out Report
Copy of Inventory and Check-in Sample Re

A Schedule of Condition report is typically conducted at the end of a tenancy as an alternative to a Check-out report in the event that an Inventory and Check-in report was not undertaken or cannot be supplied.  The report highlights notable damage and cleaning omissions at the time of the clerk's visit. 

The report is similar to a Check Out report, but excludes Actions and Responsibilities as we have no report to compare the condition to.

Schedule of Condition
Copy of Inventory and Check-in Sample Re
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