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Why choosing an impartial inventory company matters..

Navigating the tenancy journey gives rise to an array of challenges. We understand the investor’s goals of high yield, appreciation, and minimising the void; the tenant’s need for transparency, alongside the agent’s duty to keep up with an influx of regulations.

The presence of a detailed and comprehensive inventory ensures a transparent process for all parties.


Property Inventories is an independent third party. We work alongside agents, but are not part of their in-house team. We always aim to be fair and objective, whether instructed by the landlord, tenant or agent.


We are responsive to observations during your property health check, which allows for straightforward arbitration.

Smoke / Carbon monoxide alarms

Fire safety regulations as of 1st October 2015 state landlords are responsible for ensuring their property contains a working smoke alarm on each floor, and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance. We document and test alarms, ensuring that safety standards are being met.

Fair, Wear & Tear

Understanding of the afflictions your property faces, enables us to offer suggestions and liabilities based on the principles of betterment and apportionment.


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